Total Dance/ Dancical Productions, Inc.

A cultural-musical-dancical experience

Terrie "Ajile" Axam





  It is truly a blessing to be founder and artistic director of Total Dance, Dancical Productions, Inc.  Dancical is a spiritual manifestation of my work here on earth as a cultural arts entertainer.  At Dancical, our creativity is strongly rooted in dance.  However, our focus is not just on dance; our focus is the total person.  Dancical Productions was created to bring positive enlightenment to diverse audiences through offering a variety of performances and arts education classes.  We strive to present positive messages that will counter destructive images found in modern media.  We believe that dance is a fundamental component of our society and should be accessible to all communities.  At Total Dance, part of our mission is to provide high quality arts education in undeserved areas, using the arts as a transformational tool in the lives of people of all ages.  We believe that artists are the keepers of our culture, and we strive, to utilize the arts as a forum for communication to celebrate the heritage and culture of African Americans.

      We are here for you, not just for your entertainment but also for your empowerment.


        -Terrie "Ajile" Axam

         Founder, Artistic Director



Founder/ Dance Artist/ Artistic Director/ Cultural Arts Entertainer

  Distinguished dancer, vocalist, artistic director, recording artist, and choreographer Terrie "Ajile" Axam is an exceptional representation of her name; which means "a gift to our town".  Her extensive training comes from master instructors around the country.  As a performing arts entertainer, educator, founder and artistic director of Total Dance/Dancical  Productions, Inc., Ajile has studied with such greats as James Truitt, Katherine Dunham, Tommy Gomez, Charles Moore, Chuck Davis, Alfred Lezepko, Sara Yarborough, Majorie Perces, Carl Ratcliff, and others.  Ajile has worked with Emmy Award-winning group Arrested Development, actor Avery Brooks, playwright Don Evans, soul singer Millie Jackson, and balladeer Peabo Bryson.  She was also lead vocalist for Alex Haley's research presentation of the highly acclaimed Roots.  Ajile was recognized as a "Fun, Fearless Female" by Cosmopolitan Magazine.  Other recognitions include but are not limited to awards from the NAACP and The Black College Dance Exchange.

  Ajile was the pioneer dance teacher/coordinator at Tri-Cities  Magnet Arts Program andNorth Springs High School.  She is an instructor at local schools including Langston Hughes High School and Creekside High School.  She has served as guest tutor at the Kalani Honua Festival, Hawaii; Kingston, Jamaica; Senegal, West Africa Cultural Exchange Tour, Dancer in the HBO special- Ms. Evers Boys, the Olympic village, and U.S. Ambassador to the Peoples Republic of China among many others.

  Ms. Axam has received her B.A. degree from Princeton University only to teach there soon after, and her M.A. from Rutgers University.  She has also taught at Trenton State College and Macon Jr. College.  Ms. Axam has dedicated her work to promoting professional dance, cultural arts entertainment, and community arts programs.  Working as an arts educator throughout Atlanta, the United States and abroad, she believes the arts should be accessible to all individuals.  In Atlanta, Ms. Axam has worked throughout the community teaching and sharing her skills as an artist.

  She was the first person in the state of Georgia to receive a teacher's certificate in dance.  Ms. Axam has been a pioneer in the field of dance since the early 1980's.  She established Total Dance/Dancical Productions, Inc. for the dual purpose of promoting instruction in dance and the performing arts and to research and celebrate African- American culture and artistry. 

  Ajile's artistic mission is to focus on the development of one's mind, body, and spirit; to produce great artists and great leaders.  The students that are touched by the program have an opportunity to develop their artistic talents and have their dreams of achievement become a reality.